French Bulldog Males

Albertaprides Saber Tiger


Canadian import , "reverse brindle" colored


Tiger is in his new home in Germany. Thank you Family Weissbeck!

Tiger is 14 months old on the pictures. He is checked and free of patellaluxation. He has no hemivertebrea.


Ch.Albertaprides Cashet

(Tiger's father)

Cashet's father (Tiger's grandfather)

Ch.Jackpot Baccarat (USA)

Tiger's mother: Albertaprides Ariel at Cashet


Ch.Albertaprides Cashet

Ch.Jackpot Baccarat(USA)

Tidewater's Monte Carlo Jackpot

Jackpot Sir Winzalot of TW

Tidewater's Hurricane Allis

Jackpot Fourteen K

Jackpot Money Money

Pettybull's Diamond Jackpot

Ms Betsey Johnson

Ch.Zenith De la Parure

Otto-Prince De la Parure

Xoe De La Parure

Karendon's Ms B Bacall

Ch.Omar Sharif De la Parure

Ch.Karendon's Premiere Edition

Albertaprides Ariel at Cashet

Tea-D's Wild Card (USA)

Tea-D's Tera's Patent Pending

McBeths Harley Tucker

Tera's Forget me not

Tea-D's a Rose by another name

Coeur Jackpot Chez LeBull

Tera's Briar Rose

Tea-D's Alberta Pride(USA)

Pettybulls Ez Buck

Jackpot Ez come Ez go

Pettybulls New Millemnium

Te-D's Element of Surprise

Milo's Petit Beau L' esenci

Tea-D's-N-Tera's Northern Lights