French Bulldog

Thank you Susi and Felix !(CH)Király


"Du Champagne" French Bulldog kennel



Nollaig Original Du Champagne

Thank you family Barden!

Welcome to our website!

Here you can see some French Bulldogs of our breeding.

Thank you all owners for taking such great care of our frenchies!




"Tomte Original Du Champagne "

Thank you René and his family!


"Nollaig Original Du Champagne"

Thank you Barbet!


"Nollaig Original Du Champagne"

Thank you Barbet!

Thank you Susi and Felix

Mon Amour Annabell with her lovely daughter Elli Pirelli

Kennel De La Chouette


Ginger Original Du Champagne , 1 year old

Owners: Family Hilche


Bendeguz Original Du Champagne , 3 years old

Owners:Michi and Jakob

Flake Original Du Champagne, 1 year old with his best friend Enzo

Owner: Family Stauffert


Dominic Original Du Champagne, 8 years old.

Owners:Family Wilk


Dominic with his friendVigyor

Nollaig Original Du Champagne , 1 year old

Owners: Barbet and Dennis


Nollaig Original Du Champagne , 1 year old

Owners: Family Barden


Goldie Original Du Champagne , 1 year old

Owners: Familie Koper


Goldie Original Du Champagne with her friends

Tomte Original Du Champagne

Best friends :Bogi und Narja

Owners : Susi and Felix



Our youngster:

"Amazing Grace and Admiral Original Du Champagne" 9 months old



Here you can see pictures of the wonderful young male called "Nietzsche" , 2 years old , we like his color and type very much.Congratulation to owner Carola M.Berger to his nice show result in Tulln!

Nietzsche Original du Champagne

Nietzsche Original du Champagne

Champion  of Sweden and Norway

"Martinez Original Du Champagne"

(Baring Nords Heidrun-Roulette Original Du Champagne)

Congratulation to owner Finn Arne Larsen !


Happy day at our home

"PERSY ORIGINAL DU CHAMPAGNE"  on holidayKacsintás

Thank you owner Bettina and Gernot in Katzelsdorf /Austria !!!



Thank you for wonderful pictures owner: Mrs Christiane Bruckner, Austria!


International show NKK Trondheim
Martinez Original du Champagne
EXL.1 - CK - CAC - Res CACIB
New Norwegian Champion Vigyor
Congratulation to owner :Torild Reiten Larsen !

Martinez Original Du Champagne Vigyor

Martinez Original du Champagne Vigyor


"Nietzsche Original du Champagne" 1 year old

owner :Carola M.Berger /Vienna

Narja Original Du Champagne

Thank you Susi and Felix !

Bellabella in her new home

Thank you Jenny and Chris /Vienna !Vigyor


Thank you Susi and Felix /Switzerland

"Lancaster Original Du Champagne"

achieved his first CACIB title in Sweden!

We are so proud!

Congratulation to his owner  Anna Björkman Wallin !Vigyor

"Persy Original Du Champagne"

owner: Bettina Römiger/ Austria

"Nietzsche Original Du Champagne" /Sherlock/

Owner: Carola berger, ViennaVigyor

Persy Original Du Champagne enjoying her holiday in Italy

Owner: Bettina Röminger

"Bogi and Narja Original Du Champagne"
Thank you dear friends Susi and Felix /Switzerland

"Marilyn Original Du Champagne"

Salzburg International Show, intermediate class V1 , CACA

Congratulation to owners, family Zant!!!Vigyor


21.March 2015 CAC Munich, open class V1 , VDH-Ch

Judge:Peter Machetanz

Congratulation to owner :Silvia Storch !Kacsintás

"The frenchie collection"

Bogi and Narja Original Original Du Champagne

Thank you Susi and Felix in Switzerland

"Prada Original Du Champagne" 1 year old

Thank you Darlene and family / USA

We wish all bulldog lovers and friends


6 wonderful Christmas puppies born in our kennel!Vigyor

11.October 2014. Congratulation to owner and breeder of "Alamobull Thats My Boy " a wonderful and very promising young male , BOB ! It was a wonderful weekend and show "Exposicion National e International de Santiago de Compostella"and VI MONOGRÁFICA NACIONAL A.E.F.R.B.F. with many nice frenchies...thank you for professional organization and invitation it was a honour to judge the frenchies in Santiago de Compostela !!!Thank you all exhibitors and special thanks to Presidente D.Fernano Clemente and Fernando Syf !!!Vamos!!!

04.10.2014.Laberweintingen /Regensburg , judge Olga Dolejsova , IKFB

"Mickey Mouse Original Du Champagne"Kacsintás

Anw.Dt Ch VDH and Res CAC

Congratulation to owner Silvia Storch!

"Original Du Champagne for SCB SAMBAL OELEK" 10 months
dam: "Lipstick Original Du Champagne" sire: "Absolut Iz Palevyh Buldoghov ". Owner:Martina Stumpf

Paul Gauguin Original Du Champagne (called Dahli) showing proudly his winnings Vigyor

Paul Gauguin Original Du Champagne

Thank you owner: Niina Parviainen /Finland !

Again great news from Norway!

Vestnes 2014 (5 fénykép)
National show at Vestnes 29/6-14:
Martinez Original Du Champagne :
EXL.1- CK - CAC - BOB.
Judge : Inger B. Ronandner - NOR

De La Chouette kennel Congratulation to owner Martina Woelk ! Vigyor

Molosser-Club-Germany Ausstellung  Hannover  15.6.14

Champion class "Mon Amour Annabell Original Du Champagne" 2x winner female ,BIS 1.  placement , BOB  1. placement.

Judges: : Anna Ledergaus / International judge

Hartmut Lohmann

Onassis Original Du Champagne

at his first show at the age of 22 months and won CAC ,  BOB and BIS 3 in Greece!

Thank you dear owner, Chris Xeras

National show Orkanger /Norway 11.5 -14
Martinez Original Du Champagne :

Congratulations owner: Torild Reiten Larsen!Vigyor

Welcome to our homepage!Vigyor

Easter puppies born 19.April 2014

Wonderful reverse boy of our breeding:

Cadillac Original Du Champagne

Thank you Bettina and Jörg Weissbeck!

Sambal Oelek (red brindle male , owner: Sweet Crazy Bull kennel) and Chili Pepper (red-fawn female)

Sambal Oelek (red brindle male ) and Chili Pepper (red-fawn female)

Original Du Champagne

Wonderful puppies born out of following combination:

Jardin De Paradise Original Du Champagne-Co Di Chefay's Dee Sweet Crazy Bull

//All puppies found their new homes//

International Show CACIB Nürnberg 11.01.2014.two young promising males of our breeding with following show results of total 8 entries in the young class.Judge: Mr Peter Machetanz.

"Quinton Original Du Champagne" brindle colored male obtained the title excellent 3 , thank you owner Uschi Minder!

"Mickey Mouse Original Du Champagne" pied colored male obtained the title excellent 4 ,thank you owner  Silvia Storch!!!

"Ginger Lady Original Du Champagne"Vigyor

Thank you owner Andrea Klaus , of Pebblecreek kennel/Switzerland


Expo 7/8 Decembre "A La Reunion"

"Pika Original Du Champagne"

Female brindle intermediate class CACS
judge : Mr Jean Jacques Dupas

Congratulation owner Mr David Morau !!!Kacsintás

"Mickey Mouse Original Du Champagne" dresses up like Santa Claus !

Thank you owner Silvia Storch!!!

"Onassis Original Du Champagne" started his working in his owners new clothing-bag shop

Owner: Pandapepe Leonvaldo /Cypern

Mireille Du Champagne (Summer Du Champagne - Grand Chef Texas Tex)

Owner : Dr Ruben Lipphardt

Thank you Ruben for fantastic pictures!!!

Wonderful ''Mireille Du Champagne" Vigyor

"Nándor Original Du Champagne" /Nanni/ 3,5 months old , after our lovely Dandy and Dee-Dee

Thank you for this lovely picture Tina and her friends!

Fantastic news from England !!!!

"Oh My Babyface Original Du Champagne" 1 year old, called Radar
(sire: Roulette Original Du Champagne --- dam: Nyírségi Ráncos Islav)

"Hi Kinga, Radar has achieved the Gold health certificate with the French Bulldog Club of England will send you a copy he has had everything done back, hips, x-rayed, patella score 0/0 , eyes hsf4 clear, heart cardiologist clear everything all top fantastic scores , really pleased with our little man . Thank you again , Belinda & Norman "

Wonderful "Dahlia Du Champagne " and her daughter " Saint Minion Giggle".


Thank you dear Krista Liseiski for this lovely autumn picture !

Puppyshow  at Skaun :
Chien Royal Adorable Arwen BOB + BIG 2.

Martinez Orginale Du Champagne BOS. Judge : Jari Partanen.


Thank you Torild Reiten Larsen and family/Norway

"Ch.Nando Original Du Champagne"

NEW CH of San Marino

NEW CH of Cyprus

NEW CH of Taiwan

NEW CH of Georgia

NEW CH of Azerbaijan

NEW Caucasian CH

Thank you dear friend Savvas Christou for perfect handling and such loving home!

Multichampion and Grand Champion

"Benvenuto Du Champagne" /Benny/

Thank you dear owner: Maria Kom, Cyprus

"Champion Kameo Original Du Champagne"

Guatemalan champion , young Ch. El Salvador

Thank you owner: Hector Leal , Guatemala



"La Jolie and Lipstick Original Du Champagne" 18 months old

CLUB CANI COMPAGNIA 50 anni Jubilee Dog Show

What a wonderful weekend in Lucca , Toscana, Italy 29.09.2013
Thank you Mr Pietro Paolo Condó , Mr Marco Marabotto and Mr Alberto Vergana for invitation !
Fantastic organization and hospitality!
The number of French Bulldog entries was total 55 dogs , thank you all exhibitors!

Best of Breed (BOB) and young female Winner:
"Charice De Valoisse"
Owner: Mr Gianni Fior
Breeder De Valoisse Kennel
(if anyone has better quality picture of the BOB female please send it to me)

OMÉK Grand Prix


Our lovely "La Jolie Original Du Champagne" received her first CAC title.Thank you judge Mr Gröschl Ferenc



obtained his title Hungarian Champion

OMÉK GRAND PRIX 21.09.2013



"BOGÁR ORIGINAL DU CHAMPAGNE" Thank you Susi and Felix /Switzerland

BBQ Party and French Bulldog meeting in Katzelsdorf / Austria ....17 August...thank you so much Betty (the beauty) and Gernot (the grill master) for your hospitality! It was a wonderful day!

"Paradise and Nanette  Du Champagne "

Both Bulan and Barbie, Patella and Hearth FREE!

Congratulation to owner Pia Hedfors /Sweden , Minnepy's kennel!Kacsintás

"Molly Original Du Champagne" Vigyor

Thank you Alessandra and Mariano at Lake Garda , Hotel Primo /Italy

"Martinez Original Du Champagne" 5 months old, is starting his show training

Thank you owner Torild Reiten Larsen /Norway

International dog show in Finland


"Paul Gauguin Original Du Champagne" did it well!Csók


Thank you Niina, Soili and Dahi !

Thank you for such loving home of my frenchies Ulli  ! Vigyor

Owner: Ulrike Kaufmann/ Vienna

Owner :Joana /Germany

Professional photographer : Mr Thomas Eickhorst

Two of a kind : Puppy "Lancaster Original Du Champagne" with his sister La Jolie , 18 months old


  • If you have interest in a puppy, please contact us!


  • Our puppies enjoying the first sunny days of June

16 months old (Islands- Berg Meistari Muggur -Frustyle Havanna)

Owner Ulli Kaufmann /Vienna

  • ...and again a new champion!
  • We are very proud to present Grand Champion of Argentina
  • "Simba Original Du Champagne"
  • Congratulation to owners Diego and Peter!

New Junior Champion of San Marino and Montenegro !!!

Congratulation Savvas Christou (Bullcy kennel)

(Ch.Mano Imperatoris Dandy Diamond To Champagne-Baring Nords Hildur)

Thank you owner:Ann Kathrin L.!

(Roulette Original Du Champagne-Frustyle Lovely Night)

Thank you owner : Ann Kathrin L. !

Our wonderful puppies after "Roulette Du Champagne " and "Baring Nords Heidrun" are born!

We have puppies!Kacsintás

"Persy Original Du Champagne" 6 months old and her fawn boy friend

Thank you for lovely picture Bettina Römiger/Austria

Our lovely princesse  "Roxanne Original Du Champagne" 3 months old (Ch.Mano Imperatorius Dandy Diamond to Champagne - Ch.Baring Nords Hildur) is spending her her last days in our home, soon she is leaving to her new mom Simone Stuart to England.

"Renee Original Du Champagne " arrived safe into her wonderful home in Switzerland /Zürich.Thank you for lovely pictures and painting Loris and Davina!Vigyor

Wintercup/Traditions -Sieger Schau
3.3.13 Bottrop

Mon Amour Annabell Original Du Champage

two times junior excellent 1Vigyor

Congratulation De La Chouette Kennel


Paul Gauguin Original Du Champagne 6 months old

Thank you Ninni Kajaanilainen /Finnland



Thank you for this lovely picture Susi and Felix in Switzerland !

"Persy Original Du Champagne" 6 months old ON TOUR!

Thank you for lovely picture Bettina Römiger/Austria

New puppy pictures at puppy section!

New Champion!

Our "Mano Imperatorius Dandy Diamond to Champagne"  obtained the title

Rumanian Champion this weekend!

Thank you Tibay Norbert and judge Mr Stefan Sinko!

Happy Birthday "Horatios Original Du Champagne" 2 years old!
Thank you for loving home dear owner Manos Temirtsidis /Athens!

Champion Argentina "Nicolas Du Champagne" with daughter: "Alenne De Glamour"

Thank you Munays kennel /Argentina!

"Mahagony -Man Du Champagne" celebrating

Thank you family Dielas/Krüger  Zerbst/Anhalt

Wonderful Memories , our friend Mr Savvas Christou of Bullcy kennel of Cypern visited our home this summer!

On the picture Savvas with our "Dandy Diamond"

Thank you Éva and Gábor for this lovely winter picture of Botticelli!

Jingle is one year old!

Thank you for such loving home Alexander Hagler and family/Austria

"Lipstick Original Du Champagne" celebrating her first birthday!

Thank you Martina Stumpf!

Thank you for this lovely picture Dominic Truta and Niki!

Thank you Krista!

"Roulette Original Du Champagne-Sade Original Du Champagne" 4 months old

Owner:Bettina Römiger, Austria

Again great show results for our "Mano Imperatorius Dandy Diamond to Champagne"
Nitra CACIB 01.12.2012.CAC,CACIB, BOB , the next day Res.CAC,Res.CACIB
Wels CACIB 08.12.2012.CACA , Res.CACIB , the next day CACA,
Res.CACIB.Thank you judges for recognizing the quality of my dog,also
thank you Tibay Norbert for professional handling for the very
successful show year 2012 !

Thank you Pia Hedfors for nice pictures of  " Paradise Original Du Champagne" called Barbie with her new friends in Sweden!

"Persy Original Du Champagne" in her new home with friend Greti.

Thank you for lovely pictures Bettina Römiger/Ausria !

"Olympe Original Du Champagne" 4 months oldThank you owner Dr Ernesto Marino /Italy !

"Mano Imperatorius Dandy Diamond to Champagne"15 months old finished his titles

Hungarian Junior Champion

Serbien Junior Champion

Croatian Junior Champion

Zagreb CACIB 2012.11.17-18
"Mano Imperatorius Dandy Diamond to Champagne" on both days Best Junior male, today Junior BOB , he finished his title Croation Junior Champion title too
!Thank you Mr Tibay Norbert for professional handling!

"Princesse Original Du Champagne" 3 months old with her new family in Athens.

Thank you family Mantelis !

"Akoya Original Du Champagne" in her new home in San Fransico

Thank you family Connolly!

"Mano Imperatorius Dandy Diamond to Champagne" Serbian and Hungarian Junior Champion, "La Jolie Original Du Champagne" Hungarian Junior Champion.

Thank you judges Mr Axel Komorowski and Mrs Tatjana Urek for recognizing the quality of my dogs!

Thank you also Mrs Fazekas Beatrix and Mr Tibay Norbert for professional dog-handling !

"Mano Imperatorius Dandy Diamond to Champagne" 14 months old

Serbian and Hungarian Young Champion

Happy Birtday Kondor!

"Kondor Original Du Champagne" celebrating his first birtday.

Thank you Alessandra and Massi in Italy!

Thank you dear Susi and Felix for visiting our kennel from Switzerland and giving such a nice home for Bogár with your lovely cats!

Thank you dear Mario Oliveira for visiting our kennel from Portugal and giving such a nice home to Pippy !

Puppy Show in Uppsala,Sweden, 22.09.12

Congratulation owner Pia Hedfors!

Multichampion "Benvenuto Du Champagne"

Thank you Maria and Savvas in Cypern  for this fantastic picture of Benny!

Thank you Martina Stumpf!

Sweet Crazy Bulls Kennel

What a successfully show weekend!
CACIB International Dog Show / Debrecen 25.08.2012
"La Jolie Original Du Champagne" 8 months old , Best Puppy
judge: Mr Gabriel Valdez (Colombia)

CACIB/ Debrecen 25.08.2012
"Mano Imperatorius Dandy Diamond to Champagne" Best Junior and Best of Breed!
judge:Mr Gabriel Valdez (Colombia)
Thank you for professional handling of my dogs Fabian Beatrix and Tibay Norbert!
Dandy was celebrating his first birthday this weekend!

"La Jolie Original Du Champagne" 8 months old

"Evita Du Champagne & Frustyle Neo Star Lander"  combination, 8 healthy puppies born!

Congratulation breeder Martina Stumpf!

Summer fun !

Thank you for this lovely pictures owner Viviane Bitzi Seilaz and family / Switzerland!

Swiss National Day, Ivette also celebrating

Thank you for lovely picture Nicole Seilaz/Switzerland

"Hogan Original Du Champagne"

(Baering Nords Rusla-Ch.Peti Llevr Daniel D'Armani)

Thank you Mr Heiko Langner/Germany

"Hogan Original Du Champagne" in action

"Dahlia Du Champagne"

(Summer Du Champagne-Raymond v.d.Spikkertje)

got her second EST CAC today in Tartu (EST).

Judge was T. Urek

Dahlia needs only one more to be EST CH.
Congratulations to owner Krista Liseiski!

(Islands Berg Meistari Muggur-Frustyle Havanna)

Owner: Du Champagne Bulldogs

Thank you Savvas!

"Cadillac Du Champagne" 2 years old

(Albertapride's Saber Tiger-Nyírségi Ráncis Islav)

Owner:Bettina and Jörg Weissbeck

Thank you Clarissa and Thorsten Traunecker for the fantastic weekend and taking so good care for Orchidee!

Orchidee with her new family and with her new friends!

"Orchidee Original Du Champagne"

(Evy Du Champagne-Cao De Assalto D'Artagnan"

Owner:Family Traunecker/Germany

„Chelsie of Bullyhouse“ 10 years old, offspring of

Ch.Zorro Du Champagne, Owner:Family Traunecker

Our puppies "Narcisse and Nathalie Original Du Champagne" 11 weeks old  arrived safe to Minnesota.

Here you can see a head picture of Narcisse (Tatavárudvari Páncél-Summer Du Champagne)

Thank you Carol and Mike D.Hawke taking so good care of the girls!

"Nathalie Original Du Champagne" 11 weeks old

(Tatavárudvari Páncél-Summer Du Champagne)

Owner:Carol and Mike D.Hawke Minnesota , USA

DK CH Juanita Du Champagne

Thank you famuily Hug!

DK CH Juanita Du Champagne


Please enjoy the pictures of our two very promising young males„Roulette Original Du Champagne” and

„Mano Imperatorius Dandy Diamond To Champagne”


Please enjoy the pictures of this fantastic show weekend! Vigyor


„Roulette Original Du Champagne” 18 months old

(Albertaprides Saber Tiger-Co Di Chefay's Bounty Petit Gally)

2012 Asian and Toy Dog Club Clubshow Winner

Thank you judge:Laurent Helnesche (Luxembourg)

Owner: Du Champagne Kennel




Wonderful show weekend for our „Frustyle Havanna” too!

Toy Dog Club Clubshow

open class female : CAC title winner

Judge:Laurent Helnesche (Luxembourg)


Komárom International Dogshow 2012.05.27

open class female CAC title winner

Judge:Bánhidi Marika



Head picture.

Roulette is 18 months old

Owner:Marina Allmeritter/Germany

"Ch.Juanita Du Champagne" this weekend she got the pokal that shows her as the most winning female in open class 2011 in Denmark

Congratulations family Hug!

"Ch.Juanita Du Champagne"

with owner Karina Hug, Denmark

French bulldog Playground

"Du Champagne"kennel

Holiday greetings ! Alessandra , Massi and

"Kondor Original Du Champagne"  in Rimini

Wonderful results for our young male

"Roulette Original Du Champagne"

National Show Kalocsa and Gyula two times CAC results in the intermediate class!

Lincoln Original Du Champagne

Roy Le Charmeur De Ficca

La Jolie Original Du Champagne

La Jolie and Lincoln Original Du Champagne

Mano Imperatorius Dandy Diamond to Champagne , 8 months old

"Kameo Original Du Champagne"

Best in Show Puppy Winner in Guatemala!

Thank you Hector Leal and Family!

"Kondor Original Du Champagne " with his owners Alessandra and Massimiliano /Bologna

What a wonderful weekend with our "Dandy"

/Mano Imperatorius Dandy Diamond to Champagne/

enjoying the horse-drawn carriage in Szentendre /Hungary

"Monticelli Original Du Champagne" 2,5 months old

(Oliver House Taddy-Nyírségi Ráncos Islav)

"Simba Original Du Champagne" 15 months old

Thank you Pedro and Diego /Mexico

Lipstick Original Du Champagne

to Sweet Crazy Bulls , 8 weeks old

(Frustyle Havanna-Islands Berg Meistari Muggur)

Please enjoy the pictures of our boys:

"Grand Chef Texas Tex" 7,5 years old, "Clovis Du Champagne" 10,5 years old and "Daulokkes Luffee" 9,5 years old...with the new generation of Du Champagne bulldogs....

"Kameo Original Du Champagne" 4 months on his first show Best in Show puppy winner! Congratulations owner Hector Leal/Guatemala!

French bulldog Puppies born after " Islands Berg Meistari Muggur "!Vigyor

Our christmas puppies after

"Frustyle Havanna" and "Islands Berg Meistari Muggur" are born!

Martina Stumpf (Sweet Crazy Bulls ) Heiko Langner with "Hogan Original Du Champagne" on his laps and me holding DEE.Thank you Martina for amazing time in Germany!

New owners of "Krash Original Du Champagne":

Darlene and Andy Devlin /Pine Bush, New York

Thank you Asta for the pictures!

"Benvenuto Du Champagne"

Owner:Maria Komodromou /Cyprus

Thank you Maria !

Ivette Original Du Champagne (Isabelle Du Champagne-Cao De Assalto D'Artagnan)

Owner:Nicole Seilaz /Switzerland

Our wonderful Dandy has arrived!

Thank you Asta!

The new Champion of our kennel!
"Champion Nicolas Du Champagne"

Argentinian Champion!

(Ch.Luffee-Ecstasy Du Champagne)

Thank you owner Maria Jesus Ferreira!

Welcome to our homepage!

We can design your own kennel sign!

Our friend Savvas Christou and his wonderful wife Danny from Cyprus ( has visited us.

What a great weekend !


Wonderful show news!

Diva has became Danish Champion this weekend !

Congratulations to owners Family Hugs!

Dam:Isabella Du Champagne-Sire:Raymond v.Spikkertke

Watch for Mahagonys show result at news!

Owner:Dielas /Krüger family

Thank you Pedro and Diego /Mexico






(Baring Nords Rusla-Peti Llevr Daniel Armani)

Puppies after "Isabelle Du Champagne"

"Lydia Du Champagne" 3rd place at the World Dog Show in Paris 2011

On the picture Lydia with her daughter Falbala!

Congratulation  Haut Mariage kennel in France

Lydia is the daughter of " Isabelle Du Champagne"

"Nicolas Du Champagne" 2 years old

(Ecstasy Du Champagne-Ch.Luffee)

Owner:Maria Jesus Ferrira/Argentina

"Champion Love Story Du Champagne"

Guatemala Champion and 3rd place in Best in Show!

Congratulation Suzanne Divoff !

"Challenger Du Champagne"

(Albertapride's Saber Tiger-Nyírségi Ráncos Islav)

on his first show

city: Bailleul sur therain
judge: Mr SALLET
open class: 1st excellent and CACS

Congratulation Pascal and Florance!

Thank you Martina Stumpf and Heiko Langner for this wonderful picture!

Thank you Ligita and Asta for this wonderful girl!

Happy Birthday Charizma!

(Olive Du Champagne-A'Vigdors Colonell Honorablle d'or )

Thank you Monika!

"Love Story Du Champagne" has finished her titel as Guatemala champion !

Congratulation to owner Suzanne Steele!

"Sangria Du Champagne" Owner:Sabrina Jacobi and family /Germany

"Challenger Du Champagne" is 1 year old

Congratulation to his owners Pascal and Florance in France!


Garrone and Gabriel Du Champagne are offsprings of our Grand Chef Texas Tex.

Gabriel lives in South Africa at Tania Rebolo and  Garrone lives in Manila at Andrew Dy

Thank you to both of you!

Italian Specialty 2010 December 19 , San Michele /Italy

With the total  entry of 50 French bulldogs

Thank you Pietro Paolo Condo and all exhibitors for this wonderful opportunity !

Best male and CAC male  "Norton" (now Italian Champion) breeder: De Vallois kennel

owner: Martignago Franco

Best female of the show CAC and BOB female:

"Dashin Dom Pervoe Solntse Maya "

Owner :Anna Denisova/Italy


Thank you for wonderful picture owners Bettina and Jörg Weissbeck!

New puppy pics at puppies section!

"Picasso Du Champagne" 11 years old

Son of Pelshire's Picasso

Owner:Beate and Uwe Hemmerling/München

Thank you for such a wonderful and loving home!

"Nicholas Du Champagne"

/Ch.Luffee-Ecstasy Du Champagne/

Owner:Maria Jesus Ferrira /Argentina Thank you Maria!

"Mahagony-Man Du Champagne" 1 year old

/Raymond v.Spikkertje-Isabelle Du Champagne/

Thank you for owner : family Krüger/Dielas , Germany !

"Benvenuto Du Champagne" 9 months old

/Texas Tex Baring Nords Heidrun/

Best junior in Cyprus

Thank you owner: Maria Komodromou

"Dolores Du Champagne" 2 years old

/Ch.Belboulecan Du Champagne Mondo-Ecstasy Du Champagne/

Thank you for owner Tina Forss/Sweden!

"Chellenger Du Champagne"

/Albertapride's Saber Tiger-Nyírségi Ráncios Islav/

Thank you for owners Pascal and Florance Couraye !

What a great weekend!

Special Klubshow 2010.09.19

Under judge Mr Jean Francois Vanaken (Belgium)

our "Cerera Charizma" best french buldog puppy !


Special Klubshow 2010.09.19

Under judge Mr Jean Francois Vanaken (Belgium)

our "Frustyle Lovely Night" best female, CAC in intermediate class!



11.09.2010 Franch Bulldog Special Show in Estonian.

"Dahlia Du Champagne" 4 months old BOB Baby and BIS Baby 2

Congratulation to owner Krista Liseiski

"Calvados Du Champagne" New Champion !

05.09.2010.National dog show Vilnius under judge A.Redlicka(PL)

CAC, Best male, BOB

He is Champion of Lithuania, Champion of Latvia, Champion of Estonia and Baltic Champion.

Congratulation to owner Asta Vaitiekuniene !


Thank you Pascal!

"Juanita Du Champagne" 2 years old


"Gérarde Du Champagne" (Baring Nords Panda-Évy Du Champagne)

Nikos Hadjisymeou , Cyprus

Latvia. 2010 06 13  International CACIB dog show , judge B.Kremser (SI)

Calvados in intermediate class was excellent CQ, CAC and R.CACIB

Congratulation Asta!


"Dolores Du Champagne" (Belmondo -Ecstasy Du Champagne)

2 years old , Owner: Tina Forss, Sweden

"Dessert Du Champagne" (after Beaufort and Keve Bull's Point)

Owner:Marijke De Moor Belgium

Owner:Pascal et Florance in France

Cypus kennel Klub Show in Mai

"Benvenuto Du Champagne" best french bulldog puppy!

Owner: Maria Komodromou

We proudly present our new girls and want to thank Tatiana!

Wonderful weekend for bulldog lovers in Italy !

Montabelluna french bulldog seminar and national dog show

BOB male "Achille" (Da Narcisse De Valois-Luisiane De Valois)


2010.05.09 National Dog show in Jonava , judge W.Kowalska

"Calvados Du Champagne" , CAC open class males and Best of Breed!

Congratulation Asta!

"Love-Story Du Champagne"

Best of Breed female on National Show 18.04.2010 in Guatemala

Happy owner:Suzanne Divoff , Guatemala

Our Luffee is 7,5 years old

Group picture of "Cinnemon Du Champagne" with her daughters Ayla (German Champion) and Amy and her brindle granddaughter

Proud owner : Mr Hans Kern ! Thank you Hans!

"Mireille Du Champagne" , 1 year old

Owner: Dr Ruben Lipphardt /Frankfurt

"Grand Chef Texas Tex" , TEX

Bulldog Show of November in Hittfeld , Germany.

Judge: Bo Lasthein Andersen , Denmark

JUANITA DU CHAMPAGNE "Diva"  best in intermediate class

and Best French Bulldog Female on the show with

Dt.Ch.VDH CAC / Best opposite sex



"Jolie Du Champagne" 3 years old

(Grand Chef Texas Tex-Godiva Du Champagne)

Owner: Sonja Kádár, Germany/Kaiserslautern

"Lydia Du Champagne" (Letizia's littermate)

Owner:Hautmariage kennel, France

"Calimero Du Champagne"(Baring Nords Heidrun-Tex)

Owner:Juliane Geigenmüller, Germany

19.09.2009 MKSZ Special French Bulldog Show , Budapest

Judge: Dr Kinga Jekelfalussy

Best puppy: KEVE-BULL'S TEQUILLA (doughter of Beaufort) Owner:Tünde Pajor

BOB: CH.GOLD-SIERRA LUI  Breeder and owner: Henriett Tatár

"Winnetou Du-Champagne" in Australia.

Owner: Lena and Andrew Ferguson

"Letizia Du Champagne" in France !

Her new owner: Odile Bernard , Du Bois de St-Cyr kennel

Thank you Dr.Petrási Zsolt and Odile !





"TISSOT DU CHAMPAGNE" son of Belmondo

Junior Champion of Russia and of Ukraine
Junior Champion of Club
Champion of Russia,  of Belorussian and  of Ukraine
CACIB,Champion of Club,Grand Champion of Russia, of Ukraine and of Belorussian !

Owner: Zelenkova Anna, St.Petersburg

"Pandora Du Champagne" (Ch.Lancelot Du Champagne-A La Coccio's La Taia)  at